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ruled paper
ruled paper
ruled paper
  • A special education advocate like Dr. Forman has been particularly helpful for us. I was an immigrant who had difficulty understanding the special education rules and had trouble getting services for my son. She has worked on behalf of my son and our family to help us obtain special education services he deserves. She is friendly, supportive, caring, and always willing to listen. I am forever grateful for the referral from Dr. Jillian Bennett. For those who are looking for a pro to get the services for your children, you have come to the right advocate! Melissa

  • "I reached out to Yulika because I struggled to understand our son, who has autism. I felt like I was a terrible parent and that I was possibly harming him because I didn't know what to do. After coaching, I felt that I understood my son much better and had strategies to use that worked. Yulika helped me organize my home and my son's routine, so his behavior improved.  I felt comfortable and understood when talking to Yulika. She made coaching a good place for me to work through my doubts. I had a lot of guilt as a mom, and Yulika helped me feel good about myself as a mom."


                                                                                                                                                                                         Lucy, Nashua NH 

  • "The fear of the unknown that consumed me when my daughter was diagnosed was crippling. I had never felt so scared and powerless. Yulika was recommended to me and when we first met, her knowledge, and supportive nature soothed me. I am beyond grateful for her thoroughness, support, and expertise!!!  She has made this journey so much easier for my family."                                                               S.C., mother of a girl with autism, Boston MA

  • "We were in the difficult position of trying to determine what was best for our son in terms of his education. He was struggling in school and the school was very little help and even appeared at times to be antagonistic. Dr. Forman was able to help us navigate through the process and advocate for our son, presenting us with options that we didn’t know existed that the school had not even offered. Our son is now happy and successful in an academic setting that best suits him and his abilities."

                                                                   M.S., father of a boy with multiple disabilities, Walpole MA

  • "I have hired Yulika when my son was 5 years old to help me understand his IEP and achieve a particular IEP goal.  We have been working together for 6 years, and Yulika has been instrumental in helping me to achieve the IEP that benefits my son best - the one that accommodates him appropriately and holds him to a high academic standard.  Yulika is knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and persuasive yet collaborative, and has earned the respect of the our whole IEP team.  I can't imagine going into an IEP meeting without her!"

                                                                  I.K., mother of a boy with autism, Newton MA

  • "As parents of a child with special needs we want to make sure that our child gets every opportunity to succeed both academically and emotionally.  When the school approached us with an IEP we thought that this would be great, but soon realized we needed help deciphering all the state rules and regulations. We were also concerned others would try to influence us to make bad decisions. Dr. Forman helped us weave our way through this complicated process and provided her professional advice with each aspect of the IEP, explained the laws and assisted with various programs available for children on the autism spectrum.  She attended school meetings in which we would otherwise be overwhelmed and extremely outnumbered by school personnel.  It was very comforting to have Dr. Forman on our side." 

                                                                                        Parents, Duxbury, MA

  • "Our daughter did not like to go to school since she was behind in reading and writing starting her first day at kindergarten. She went through comprehensive evaluation in the first grade, which suggested that there are no concerns that require intervention. Yulika at The Expert Ally reviewed the evaluation reports and concluded that despite the average scores, there were areas that required further testing. Yulika worked with us and the school to receive additional evaluations for our daughter that filled all the gaps in the initial report. The additional testing suggested that our daughter has learning difficulties that fit a dyslexia profile. Thanks to Yulika's work with the school, our daughter received an IEP that fits her needs, and today our daughter enjoys going to the fourth grade and is confident in her learning abilities. Moreover, reading became one of her biggest hobbies. We are thankful for Yulika's impactful support to our family."

                                                                                                                             D.V., mother of a girl with dyslexia, Newton MA

  • Yulika's services were recommended to our family by our neurologist for help with a placement dispute with our district. It quickly became clear to me that she was very knowledgeable about special education law, the IEP process, and how to negotiate with team members. She is a very credible advocate. Each meeting, Yulika was prepared and we made effective progress, ultimately ending the dispute without the need for mediation, or due process. We will not hesitate to seek Yulika's assistance again in the future should it be needed! Thank you Yulika!

                                                                                 Amanda, Plymouth, MA

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