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The Expert Ally LLC Parent Group Consultation Terms and Conditions:


  • I understand that I am signing up for a group consultation for 4 people. The possible areas of consultation are autism and co-occurring conditions, neurodivergence, parenting, and all aspects of special education or education for children with disabilities.

  • I understand that this consultation does not constitute a clinical/psychotherapy/medical practice nor creates a clinician-patient relationship between me and The Expert Ally LLC.

  • I understand that The Expert Ally LLC assures that all information, conversations, and/or concerns will be kept strictly confidential.​

  • I also understand that by the nature of the group consultation, other attendees will have access to the information I share and I will have access to the information shared by others. I agree not to share the information shared by others outside of this group consultation.

  • I understand that for confidentiality, reasons, this consultation will not be recorded.

  • I agree not to reach out to other group members after the consultation without their explicit permission.


  • I understand that if I cancel more than 10 calendar days before this consultation, I will receive a full refund minus a $5 processing fee. If I cancel less than 10 calendar days in advance, the consultation fee is non-refundable.

  • I understand that this is a consultation for a group of 4 people.  I understand that if this group does not reach its capacity of 4 people, I will have a choice to be rescheduled to the next date it is offered or receive a full refund.

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