IEP Review

Are you confused about your child’s IEP? It contains a lot of information and terminology. What does it mean? What is the school saying through this document? Is it important to understand? (Hint: it's VERY important). Let’s go through your child's IEP together and make sure you understand every line of it. You will know why information is there, and what it means for your child. You will never feel lost in the IEP meeting again. Bring a lot of questions!


IEP "Well Clinic"

Are you worried if you child's IEP has everything your child needs to make progress? Is the school working with your child on all the right things and in all the right ways?  This services includes paperwork review and consultation. Before we meet, I will review your child’s evaluations and progress reports, as well as all other relevant materials. During the consultation, I will address the following:

  •  is your child's unique profile fully addressed by the IEP?

  •  are your child's goals and objectives clinically appropriate?

  •  are your child's goals and objectives challenging and measurable?

  •  does your child need additional objectives under existing goals?

  •  does your child need goals and objectives in additional areas ?

  •  does your child need additional accommodations, supports and services?

  •  does you child need additional evaluations to explore potential additional areas of  need and intervention?

  •  does the IEP make it possible to monitor child's progress?

  •  what to ask your team for, and how.

                                Written recommendations are available as an additional service.

IEP Meeting Prep

Does the thought of an upcoming IEP meeting fill you with anxiety and dread? Do you find yourself sitting through meetings not really understanding what your team is talking about? Do you feel overwhelmed, intimidated and unable to meaningfully contribute to a conversation at the IEP meeting table? Do you have things you want to ask for, but aren’t sure how to do that? Do you sign the IEP without a clear understanding of the changes that were made? These experiences are very common, but you don’t have to have them. I will coach you on what to expect from IEP meetings, so next time you are in one, there will be no surprises and you will feel informed and in control.  You will have a toolbox of strategies for making yourself heard and understood, for having a good conversation with your team, building respectful two-way relationships, negotiating and, when needed, successfully dealing with conflict.





Are you looking for a special education expert to come IEP to meetings with you and negotiate the best possible program for your child? Have you been advocating for your child for a long time and find yourself emotionally drained? Do you have an on-going disagreement with the school and feel that the conversation got stuck and you can’t get anywhere? Does your child have a complex profile that is difficult for the school to understand and serve well? Do you want someone to monitor your child’s progress over the years to make sure he or she gets all the right services and makes progress? I have helped many families in these kinds of situations. It would be my privilege to help yours.



Consultation to Advocates

If you are an advocate who is struggling to understand child's profile and needs, or  a direction to take in a complex case, I am happy to help.  I have a clinical background and training that helps me understand evaluations across disciplines (neuropsychological, psychological, Speech and Language, PT, OT, FBA) and identify a full scope of child's challenges and special education needs. I can also identify problems with how evaluations were done or interpreted that mask child's areas of challenge or true level of difficulty.  I can provide guidance in complex cases on what to advocate for and how to move the case forward. 



I coach college-aged students who are  on the autism spectrum or/and have ADHD.  Many aspects of college life are challenging for everyone, but especially so for young people with these conditions.  I can help with navigating class schedules,  academic demands, social complexities, logistics of living independently,  figuring out disability-related needs and many other aspects of college life.