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This guide covers the most important aspects of how to communicate successfully with autistic children and adults.


Many parents, family memebers, teachers, therapists, and daycare providers struggle to communicate with their autistic loved ones and clients. Sometimes communication attempts end in meltdowns and behavioral outbursts. Sometimes there are chronic conflicts. Emotions run high. 


This guide will help avoid the most common communication mistakes that neurotypical people make when communicating with autistic people.


You can buy it for yourself, for other family members, for your child's teachers, therapists, and other providers, etc. As an autistic adult, you can share it with your loved ones to help them understand the most important aspects of communicating with you successfully. As a professional, you can buy it for yourself or your colleagues to help in communicating successfully with your clients or students. 


8 pages.




A Guide to Communicating with Autistic Children and Adults

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