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Store FAQs

  • Why did you create your store?

Several reasons. I love to play with patterns and colors. In the past, I have taken many art classes, went to art museums all over the world, and did a lot of drawing and mixed media. I wanted to channel that interest into designing things for the neurodivergent community that are visually appealing, affirming of neurodiversity, and functional.


  • Can you design a customized products?

If you would like to have an item customized to your taste or needs, please send me an email and I will be happy to do it if possible.


  • How to you calculate shipping?

I charge shipping at cost based on the actual charges of specific merchants who produce the items. I pass the costs on without any markup.


  • What charity will you be donating to?

I just opened my shop and am in the process of selecting a charity. I am looking for a charity that is focused on neurodiversity and has respect of the neurodiverse community.

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