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This guide offers comprehensive information about meltdowns. It is intended for 


  • autistic/ADHD and other adults who experience meltdowns,
  • parents and caregivers,
  • teachers, therapists, and other professionals who work with children and adults who experience meltdowns


Information included:

  • What meltdowns are and are not

  • Phases of a meltdown

  • Common meltdown triggers for children and adults

  • What to do and not to do during meltdowns

  • Aggression and self-injury related to meltdowns 

  • What to do after a meltdown

  • Strategies for reducing meltdowns

  • Worksheets to learn about your or your child's/student's meltdowns, and to make a plan for managing them


42 pages.


This is a digital download. 


A Guide to Autistic/ADHD Meltdowns

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