Supporting IEP Goals for Autistic Children

with Maisie Soetantyo of Autism Career Pathways










How to Get the IEP You Want:

Real Life Strategies for Acing IEP Meetings

Does the thought of an upcoming IEP meeting fill you with anxiety and dread? Learn how to have no surprises, negotiate with confidence, deal with disagreement and common excuses, and get all you need for your next steps.











Navigating The Spectrum Podcast with Michele Portlock

Episode 32 with Yulika is informative and heart-felt. Because Yulika Forman approaches autism with a kind heart and an intelligent mind. Yulika specializes in autism and co-occurring conditions as well as IEPs, parent coaching, and the coaching of neurodiverse adults. You can find Yulika on Instagram at @theexpertally. She is a solid resource. So follow along and decide for yourself. 

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