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This bundle includes the following: visual schedules. Includes Daily, Days of the Week and Holidays, Hygiene, Therapies and Supports, and COVID Rules. Includes instructions for creating personalized visual supports for yourself or your child. 14  pages. This is a digital downoad.


*** Unsolicited feedback from a customer:

"These have been the most helpful visual aids we have ever used for both my NT son, and ND son. Helps keep a predictable rhythm in our home. I even bought a laminator to make the visuals last longer. Some have Velcro backings, some magnetic depending on where they need to be seen and used. I really love the aids for my older son, like remembering to shave and apply deodorant. 🙌 Has cut down on my verbal prompting tremendously.

J.L., Ventura, California"

Visual Schedules Bundle

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