As a coach, I adapt my interaction style to your needs. I fully respect and honor your experience. To address your goals, I take you through a systematic, structured  process, which incorporates the most recent research on autism and ADHD.  It is described below:




Some examples of the issues that we can address in coaching are:

  • Getting ready for college

  • Managing college life

  • Figuring out a plan for post-high school

  • Executive functioning (organizational) skills for school, work, and daily life

  • Developing study skills

  • Getting a diagnosis

  • Social skills

  • Advocating for yourself

  • Managing friendships

  • Dating and romantic relationships

  •  Community and relationship safety for girls and women

  •  Career goals

  •  Managing finances

  •  Managing daily tasks of doing laundry, cooking, or organizing

  • Managing all aspects of family and parenting

  • Managing medical issues

  • Managing time and relationships in retirement

  • Many others

Coaching with me is a supportive and future-oriented process that is free of shame and guilt. Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss how I can help you accomplish your goals. 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I currently offer coaching via Zoom and phone only.