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There is a saying that children don't come with a manual. But parents of children with special needs could really use one. In coaching, we create this manual just for you through focused, structured work together.  By going through a carefully designed coaching process, which incorporates the most recent research, we will develop effective parenting strategies tailored specifically to your child's needs. 

Parenting a child with special needs is rewarding, but also often hard, exhausting, and confusing.   I work hard to help you be more sure about your parenting, more connected to your child, and more certain that you are doing all the right things.


Multiple research studies show that parent training  makes a huge difference in improving children's behaviors and outcomes.  Let's get started!

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Why coaching?

to find out!

I am beyond grateful for Yulika's thoroughness, support, and expertise!!!  She has made this journey so much easier for my family.

                                                                                                    S.C., mother of a girl with autism, Boston MA