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There is so much to learn about autism that it can be overwhelming.

This neurodiversity-affirming guide helps by listing things that are vital for autistic people to have in order to do well. It explains the reasons for why those things are necessary. It has a lot of information crammed into it in an easy, accesible format. 

These apply everywhere, in school, at work, at home, in relationships, in medical offices, etc. This guide would be helpful for parents and caregivers, teachers and other school professionals, medical professionals, therapists, and anyone else working with or caring for autistic children and adults. You can give to your child's teacher, or their school team. If you are an adult, you can give it to your parents, your partner, or anyone else who could use information on autism. 


12 pages.

This is a digital download. 

Autistic Must Haves

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