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Five Guide in One. This is the best package of information if you are looking to understand how to handle your child's challenges at home and what to advocate for at school.   

$95 value.


The bundle includes:


A Guide to Autistic/ADHD Meltdowns: This guide offers comprehensive information about meltdowns. It is intended for 


  • autistic/ADHD and other adults who experience meltdowns,
  • parents and caregivers,
  • teachers, therapists, and other professionals who work with children and adults who experience meltdowns


Information included:

  • What meltdowns are and are not

  • Phases of a meltdown

  • Common meltdown triggers for children and adults

  • What to do and not to do during meltdowns

  • Aggression and self-injury related to meltdowns 

  • What to do after a meltdown

  • Strategies for reducing meltdowns

  • Worksheets to learn about your or your child's/student's meltdowns, and to make a plan for managing them


42 pages.


A Guide to Communicating with Autistic Children and Adults: This guide covers the most important aspects of how to communicate successfully with autistic children and adults.


Many parents, family memebers, teachers, therapists, and daycare providers struggle to communicate with their autistic loved ones and clients. Sometimes communication attempts end in meltdowns and behavioral outbursts. Sometimes there are chronic conflicts. Emotions run high. 


This guide will help avoid the most common communication mistakes that neurotypical people make when communicating with autistic people.


You can buy it for yourself, for other family members, for your child's teachers, therapists, and other providers, etc. As an autistic adult, you can share it with your loved ones to help them understand the most important aspects of communicating with you successfully. As a professional, you can buy it for yourself or your colleagues to help in communicating successfully with your clients or students. 


8 pages.


Hygiene for Neurodivergent Children and Adults: This guide contains 25 pages of information and advice for children and adults struggling with hygiene due to sensory issues, executive functioning challenges, social differences, lack of motivation, and slow processing. Many neurodivergent children and adults struggle with hygiene. many caretakers are at their wits' ends and do not know how to help, how much to push, and where to leave things alone. 


This guide is specifically written for children and adults who are autistic, have ADHD, AuADHD, sensory processing disorder, exectuive functioning dysfunction, etc. 



  • Explanation of why hygiene can be challenging 
  • Difficulties and solutions for
    • tooth brushing,
    • bathing and showering,
    • menstrual care, and
    • toileting
  •  Additional helpful strategies for hygiene routines
  • Visuals and instructions to create your own visual schedules for hygiene routines


27 pages


IEP Builder: Autism, ADHD, NVLD, SPD, Executive Functioning, Slow Processing.  With almost 40 pages of specific IEP goals in ten different areas of development, including speech and language, social-emotional, occupational therapy, executive functioning, transition services, and more, this IEP builder will be your essential reference and source of knowledge for years to come.

The IEP Builder includes:

  • a list of all interventions and therapies commonly offered in public schools
  • General goal areas commonly found on IEPs for autistic students (students with autism), students with ADHD, communication disorders, NVLD, sensory processing disorder, and executive functioning dysfunction
  • Information on what each therapy or support can do for the student, how it works, and who should be working with the student to deliver it.
  • Workheets to figure out the goals/objectives for specific students

The IEP Builder is designed for
•parents of children on IEPs who are autistic (have autism), have ADHD, SPD, NVLD, communication disorders, or executive functioning dysfunction
•professionals in the field of special education who write IEP goals or advocate for students on IEPs
•professionals in private practice who need essential information for setting goals for their autistic clients, or clients with related conditions.

Covers ages 3-22.

40 pages.


200 School Accommodations: Autism, ADHD, NVLD, EF dysfunction, slow processing.

200 accommodations that can be used in schools to  help access academics and social life. Categories included: Visual Supports, Sensory, Communication, Learning Style, Predictability and Structure, Executive Functioning, Social-Emotional, Slow Processing Speed, General. For parents and professionals. Ages 3-22. 

Guide to Meltdowns+Communication+Hygiene+IEP Builder+200 School Accommodations

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